Today we learn the “olé” step.

For the ladies. First you turn on the line to the left and then you will paint a half of circle with your right foot on the floor. Your right hand is painting also half of circle over the foot. Then you will go two steps backwards and the last thing to do is the bumerangue step.

For the guys. If the lady is painting half of circle with the right to the front, it’s very nice if you are painting a half of circle with the left backwards.

There are two difficult points in this step for the leading:

1. To lead the circle of the lady. You have to paint the circle with your leading while the lady is going to the front (Watch the video).

2. For the leading of the bumerangue you have to turn your body to the left (in this way the lady will go into the line) and to go backwards (and the lady will have the energy for the turn).

Have fun!