Zouk is a good exercise for your mind: most of the steps you can dance to the left and to the right. We have for example a left turn and a right turn. Today we will do the same step, the long turn on the line (bumerangue) from the sidestep (lateral), in both directions.

At the beginning, guys: if you are doing the variation with the right turn for the lady you need to be placed in front of the lady but a little bit to the right. The line is for her, that’s the reason she has to move free on this line and we go away. For the leading don’t be close to the lady: In this case oou don’t feel the tension of her arms. Lead the lady to the front and turn her. While you’re turning, you hold your hands over the head of the lady, to help her keep the axis and don’t lose the balance. After her turn we go backwards and lead the sidestep (lateral).

For the ladiess: if the guy is pulling in one direction and after that he’s turning you, that means, you have to turn on the line. In this case you have to see and walk the line. But don’t forget to focus on the partner while turning.

Have a nice week!