Today we’ve learn the ball together with the partner. If you want just to see how to do the steps alone, check this video:


If you are doing it together with your partner:

Guys: Your arms are pressing up, keeping and feeling the frame with the partner. You will start bending with the upper body to the right if you go by one with the right. The move comes from your upper body. Then, when you go with the left backwards, you start bending your upper body to the left and turning 90° to the left too. Continue turning every 1-2-3 another 90° to the left. If you want to end the move, you will go on 1 with the right, on 2 the head of the lady is in the center and on 3 you bring the head of the lady up.

Ladies: Your are pressing down to keep the contact with the guy. You are thinking the hole time on stretching the opposite side of your body. Your head is following your shoulders.

Have fun!