Another pizza turn! Guys today you will do the pizza turn to the right if your lady is doing the lateral to the left. While doing it you will “cross the street”. After that you will lead the next turn of the lady, crossing with your left, turning to the right and changing the hands. For the ladies: you stay always on your line and you go the third step on the spot.

For the elastic: ladies you go first with your hips, then with your chest and at the end with your head. Guys: your left hand on the lower back of the lady leads the elastic from down to the top. You will go with your left hip to the left, leading the elastic with your body. Let the lady transfer the weight back on her left and bring the lady up (with your upper body and with your right hand). Ladies, your left hand needs to be connected with your shoulder for feeling the leading and going up.

At the end of the step, bringing the lady to you, guys, your elbows are outside, her elbows are inside. With your hands on her shoulder blade you will lead carefully the cambré. Lady, don’t forget to bring your pelvis to the front, contract your center and bring your chest is for the cambré. Guys, go a little bit back if you want to lead the wave because the lady needs some space.

Have fun!