Today we learn a very important leading because we use it very oft while dancing zouk. Zouk has all these nice steps with beautiful moves on the line.

For the ladies:

  • While opening control your steps and don’t go with your weight over your heels because you will loose your balance.
  • Keep the connection with your partner turning your upper body a little bit to him.
  • For the second turn close your legs on 2.
  • If you feel the hand of the guy on your back, bring your elbow over his arm.
  • Don’t fall to the front after the third step, feel the connection with the partner on your back and go with his leading.

For the guys:

  • For the opening to the right you need more energy on 2 and after that you have to brake the move.
  • The leading for the second turn is like opening a door: You bring the lady to you on the line, you lead the turn and then you let the hand free. On 2 you get the lady again.