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25.01.15. Intermediate. Lateral changing hands, elastic, lateral behind the lady, lateral behind the guy & cambré with snake

Hi everybody!

We continue in this course with some variations of the last step.

Guys: after the elastic you lead the lady to the front and when she is turning you start to turn to your right side too. Your left hand stays down and your right hand comes over your head. Pay attention and change the position of your right hand. Continue turning to the right and help the lady to turn to the left. Then lead the lateral. For the ladies: while turning you have to think to come back to the guy.

We did another interesting thing. I call it “elastic backwards”. Guys: if the lady is going with the left backwards, just before she transfers the weight to the left foot, we lead the circle (please watch the video) for she to go down and go little by little up with her. For the ladies: if you go down, first you push your chest to the front and your head goes back. If your are going up, you do it from the bottom to the top. Your head stay to the front till the end.

We continue next week. Thank you for watching!


  1. Thanks for your exellent teaching videos!
    The only question is : could you provide brazilean names for the moves, at least in comments, and if you have a video-to-brazilean terminology correspondence list, please, send me a link.
    Thanks for the videos again, German zouk gurus!

    • Fernando

      Oktober 16, 2015 at 10:49 am

      Hi! Thank you for your comment! That’s a pity but there isn’t a list with official names for the moves of brazilian zouk. Every teacher is giving different names. That’s the reason while I prefer to give names that describe the move. For example: for “bumerangue” a lot of teachers say “bonus” or “cuarto quinto” or whatever. At the beginning for doing this videos I used to give names like “long turn on the line” (this was for bumerangue). But the names were too long… In my opinion, if you are learning from this website, it’s important to follow the structure you find on the sites “beginners”, “intermediate” and “advanced”, because they support you for learning the zouk technique.

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