Hi everybody!

We have learnt how to turn on the spot to the right and today we do the same but turning to the left.

Important things for the turn on the spot:

  • Both dancers are keeping the contact with the right leg.
  • The axis of the turn is in the middle between both right feet. If you turn, you have the feeling, the right foot stays always on the same spot.
  • You stay with your body facing your partner.
  • Your chest is in and your pelvis is to the front.

For the guys:

  • You go with the turn on the lady, you have to move to the right side while leading her left turn.
  • After the turn, bring the lady to you and connect with her leg.
  • Keep the energy bringing your left shoulder the hole time to the left.
  • If you do 1 with the right foot, you can let the lady go backwards and lead the elastic.

For the ladies:

  • Keep the contact with the hand on your shoulder blade and with the leg of the guy.
  • Your upper body stays relax.

Have fun!