Hi everybody!

We have two big kinds of turns in zouk: the zouk turn (third step on the spot) and the turn on the line (third step you open). There are for these turns two different leadings. Today we want to show you how to do multiple zouk turns (and not multiple turns on the line).

Guys: In a normal zouk turn you lead 1 and 2 in one direction and the third step in the opposite direction (so the lady is coming back). Now, if you want to lead two turns, you will lead four steps for the lady in one direction and the fifth step you bring the lady back.

Ladies: Today to spot on the partner is really important. The guy is leading now two turns, but he can lead so many turns as he want. Try to come always back to the guy after every turn.

Another thing! Imagine that you want to turn 3 times. Guys: you will lead six steps in one direction and the seventh in the other direction. With 4 turns it would be 8 steps and the nineth in the other direction, etc.

Remember, for the zouk turns the technique is different as for the turn on the line.