We did today in Oldenburg the step of the last week and we combinated it with elastic and the wave.

For the long turn on the line the guys have to be in front of the lady bu a little bit to the left. The way of the lady has to be free for the turn. First you pull for the lady to go on the line and after that you lead the turn. While turning you hold the hands over the head of the lady.

For the ladies: the guy is pulling from us into a line, so it’s very important for you to visualise the line and walk the line.

After the turn the guys need a little distance from the lady to feel the tention and lead the elastic. After the elastic, guys, don’t forget before the wave to put your left foot to the front so you can really do a BIG wave with your body.

Here you have another video for the elastic (subtitles und German) and for the wave too if you want to practice at home.

See you next week!