Hi everybody!

So many things to say! It’s very nice to start again with the advanced course in Bremen.

For the ladies: you have to look always for the contact with the guy, even if this contact is on your back. If you feel the arm of the guy, you press against the arm (not too much, because in this case you will be heavy for the guy).

For the guys: the leading is like a “V” on the back of the lady. While painting the circle on the front you turn the hand putting the palm of the hand up, so the lady has more space. While painting the other half of the circle you continue with the contact and you bring your left hand to the axle of the lady, so you can lead the turns after the circle.

Ladies: for the circle on the front you go down, pelvis to the front, your chest is in. While turning let the head fall to the left side and when the guy is bringing the hand down, you paint the circle to the front. Don’t forget to contract your center for don’t lose your balance. Next week we repeat it!

The second step. Guys, watch the video to know how to keep the contact with the lady. For the ladies: your head is going with your shoulders. At the end of the turn, you comb your hair and look for the guy.

Next week more!