Before we speak about the step, there was one important thing in today’s lesson: If there is no beat in the music, please don’t do your steps like with the beat. PLay with your partner, go in slow motion, do romantic moves, but don’t do 1-2-3, 1-2-3.

For the Titanic: Guys bring the ladies to the front into the line and turn her by 1 and then you change the hand. With your left hand you will get the left arm of the lady to stop her. Ladies: Go a little bit down on your right knee if the guy is stopping you.

After the titanic the guys can lead the bumerangue, and it could be the end of the move. But today we did something special. We will turn the lady and don’t let the hand free. After the turn, guys, you block the lady with the right hand on her hips and with your left under arm you lead the elastic.

Ladies: For the elastic you have a new contact on your back and you have to pay attention. Go with the leading of the guy.

Have fun!