Today we were the hole lesson exploring just one step and some possibilities for it. But it was a lot of fun! If you heard the music and play with your partner you cannot do anything wrong :-)

Guys, you turn the lady to the left with your right hand up and your left hand down. We call this step “the door” because the lady is going like through a door and after that you have to close the door bringing your right hand down. With your left hand you just hold the fingers of the lady and with your under arm you have contact with her belly. You can play from this position, bringing the lady from one side to the other or painting a circle.

Ladies, if the guys paint a circle don’t be shy: stretch your legs and your botton backwards, go with your pelvis back.

For the end two possibilities:

1. You turn the lady again to the left. If you keep the contact with your left hand and her belly you will get again her right hand.

2. You turn on the line to the right and continue “the door”.

You can do the most of the zouk steps in a line or in a circle. At the end of this video you can watch how to lead this step at the beginning into the line.

Have fun!