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28.01.15. Intermediate. Shock, little spiral and circles with the upper body.


Today we have a very beautiful step, perfect if you want to play with the music.

First we repeat the step of the last week going around the lady. I’m not tired of saying it: please ladies, if you are painting half of circle with the head to the front, put your chest in. It will help you to keep the balance. For the guy: don’t forget to lead the shoulders of the lady and be next to your partner.

For the step on the line, if you are coming back, you do the cambré (last week) or the variation with the little spiral. Ladies: when we come back, we bring the left ear to the left shoulder and then we paint the circle to the front. For the guys: by bringing the lady back, lead your left hand up and your right hand down. If you have the lady in front of you, both shoulders of the lady are parallel to the floor. Then you change with the right hand up (left shoulder of the lady) and the left hand down.

Next week we will learn two nice ends for the step.

See you!


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