At the beginning of learning zouk all the ladies are crazy for the head movements. Today we learn the head movements while doing the lateral step. Be very carefully dancing this step at the party. Guys: you have the responsibility about this step. If you think, something dangerous can happen, cancel the move and protect the lady. Ladies: don’t the head movements alone, zouk is a couple dance. Please, warm up your body and special your neck for dance this step.

For the ladies:

  • The steps. Don’t do any big steps and try that your legs are together pressing against each other.
  • Upper body and head. At the beginning of the head movement the head is breathing to the side. Between 2 and 3 the shoulders will change the position. The head follows the shoulders and paint half of circle to the front. If the head is to the front, your chest is in and you close your ribs. You try to make space for your head, your head should be over your center and you go a little bit on your knees. On three your head arrive the other side. At the end of the head movement your head goes to the front and up. While doing the head movement you are thinking on stretching the opposite side of your neck.

The leading.

  • The beginning: The head of the lady has to breath to the side. For it, if you bring the lady by lateral from the left to the right, you will put your left hand up and to you and your right hand down and to the lady. You turn the wrists of the lady to the right too.
  • Always the same mechanism: The first and the second step you don’t lead anything. Between 2 and 3 you will lead the head movement, changing the hands position (one goes up and the other down) and turning the wrists of the lady to the other side.
  • For the end: You will lead the head of the lady to the front and then up.
  • Guys: Don’t do any big steps, support the lady and control, that there is nothing dangerous for her around of you.

Have fun!