Today’s combination has two nice elements:

1. Painting half of circle.

For the guys: after a normal left turn you will put your right hand on 3 on the left hip of the lady. You will push the hips of the lady to your left. On 1 you give some more energy and push with the left hand on her right hip. Both hands are leading the circle. On 2 the lady is on her left side and you bring the hip straight to her right. On 3 the hip is on the right side and then on 1 you can turn the lady.

Ladies: don’t be shy and make the move big. Stretch your legs while painting the circle.

2. Turn for both.

For the ladies: We are doing a normal turn to the left. Go your third step on the spot and take care about your left hand, bringing it up for not to hit the guy.

For the guys: You need to turn a little bit faster than the lady. On 2 you have your right hand on the back of the lady.

Have fun!