Today we have nice head movements from the basic step.

Both dancers are connected through the frame of the arms. How does the frame work? Both shoulders are moving together: If one shoulder goes up, the other shoulder goes down; if one shoulder goes to the front, the other shoulders goes back.

For the guys:

  • While doing the basic step you will go to the front like in slow motion for the lady to understand the new move. The left hand goes to you and up while your right hand press to the front and goes down. Watch the video to see where to put your right hand (important)
  • For leading the head to the other side be sensitive with your lady, don’t be rude. Your right hand will come to you and your left hand goes down and press to the front.
  • If you want to end the step, go again like in slow motion. Your left hand will stay down wile bringing the lady up.

For the ladies: For doing any head movement you should warm up and prepare your body for it. Do this step under your own responsibility. Connect with your partner and keep the tension of the frame. Your head is following your shoulders. Let the move breath and open your chest if the head is on the side. If the guy leads you up, focus at him.

Have fun!