Little by little:

Rond de jambe.

  • Guys: you want the lady stays on her left foot. Please don’t bring her another more step to the front. Go down with your body and with your leading for her to understand and pay attention. Turn your upper body to lead the rond de jambe.

  • For the ladies: Your arms are connected with your upper body, you need some tension for it. Stretch your right leg and you can look at your foot too for the styling.

Spiral 1.

  • Guys: You go with your left foot to the front to make some space for the lady. You bring your right hand to your left shoulder and with your left hand you will paint a circle for to lead the spiral. Think “first the lady, then I go”. Your eyes can follow your left hand. At the end you are facing the lady.

  • Ladies: look at your left hand and stretch your body to the front, that’s the most important thing. Think always on stretching and not on making short your back.


  • Guys. Lead the elastic with your body and then you let your right hand on the shoulder blade of the lady.

  • Ladies: Go first with your foot, with your hips, with your chest and at the end with your head. If you feel the hand of the guy on your back, press against the contact to understand the leading.

For the cambré.

  • It´s a normal cambré. Please ladies, you need a good preparation putting your pelvis to the front, your chest in and your head to the front.

Have fun!