Hi everybody!

We started today with a very important movement for the ladies to understand how to do the headmovements on the spot.

Ladies: If you are doing half a circle with the head to the front:

1. You transfer the weight from one side to the other with your head.

2. You bend a little bit your knees.

3. You bring your pelvis to the front.

4. Your chest is in.

5. Your head is following the movement, your head doesn’t do an active movement.

If your head is going back, you have to stretch the front part of your body.

For the guys: You have to think about the shoulders of your lady, you’re leading her shoulders. For leading her arm up please watch the video to see where to put your hand.

For the “shock” step: Guys. You have to go three steps backwards and a fourth step to the front. In this moment you press the lady with the arm for she to go to the front and after that you hold with your right hand her arm. For the cambre of the lady: you lead her back and do the preparation for the cambre, the most important thing. After the cambre lead the lady up carefully.

For the ladies: your are doing your steps on the line. For the cambre please put your pelvis to the front, your preparation is the most important thing. Look for the contact with the hand of the guy on your back, so you can fell the leading.

Next week we will see some nice ends for both steps. See you!