We say spiral if we are turning and our axis is not the normal axis (straight to the floor) but maybe another one (diagonal or parallel to the floor).

The steps are like the steps of a normal turn, hier nothing changes.

For the guys: You need today another grip for the hand. While bringing the lady to your left, you will change the grip of your left hand, so you can lead the elbow of the lady easily. While the lady is turning, your hand will stay on her shoulder level, not higher.

Ladies: you are not bending back, you have the feeling your are growing to the front, you stretch the front part of your body. Look with your eyes your right hand while turning.

The second variation is just for the guys to look more cool. You can stay with your back to the lady while you are leading, letting your right hand on your left shoulder. The same leading but now you are cool.

Thank you very much for watching our videos! See you next week!