Hi everybody!

We were today in Hannover giving some workshops with our friends Rebas, Denise and all the dancers from Hannover. It’s a pleasure for us to be here again.

The first part of the workshop we did the flamingo with a pendulum and cambre.

For the flamingo, guys bring the lady to you and then up while turning 90° to the left and support her. For ladies, your shoulders are down and you keep the contact with the guy, pressing your arm down. You don’t know, when flamingo is over.

For the pendulum, guys, you turn a little bit more the lady, so you both are looking in the same direction. At the beginning you are on your right and the lady on her left. You bring the lady down and the lady contract the center (pelvis to the front, chest in, head to the front). The lady and you are transfering the weight at the same time to the other side. Make space for the lady if you meet in the center.

After pendulum, ladies, don’t go alone, keep the contact with the partner.

Fot the cambre, guys, you bring the lady to you (no space between you and the lady). Lead the preparation for the lady and ladies, come in the “hulk” position (down on your knies, pelvis to the front, chest in, head to the front). Ending the cambre you have the possibility of breathing up or do the snake (the guy leads one of both).

The second part of the workshop we wanted to turn the lady on one leg, lead the elastic and and after that one head movement.

For turning the lady on one leg, guys, you have to go in slow motion and turn the lady giving her support. Your body goes down for the preparation and while turning up. For the elastic go with drama! With the foot, the knie, the hip, the chest and at last head. Ladies, focus on the guy if he is bringing you up.

Head movement: the guys have to play with the shoulder line of the lady. Lead your right hand up, so the lady let the head fall to the left. Ladies: as long as your right shoulder is up, your head stays at the left side. Contract your center for keeping the balance. Just at the end, when the shoulder line is changing the position, we will bring the head to the front (chest is in) and up.

See you soon!