These beginners are doing nice things!

Left turn and the beginning of the head movement.

Guys: You let on 2 your right hand on the shoulder blade of the lady and press to the front.

Ladies: You have a new contact point, so you have to press against it to feel the leading. Don’t try to look at the guy, don’t focus and let the head goes from one side to the other.

Head movements.

Guys: don’t get the neck of the lady, the ladies don’t like it, they are not a chicken ;-) Watch the video to see where to lead the move. Try to be in the opposite side of the lady.

Ladies: Transfer your weight with your head (the same leg). The head movements are breathing, you have to open your chest if your head is on the side. If your head is in the front, you chest is back, making some space for your head to be over your center. Don’t bend to the front! Your left hand is free, don’t let your hand die! Some tension for the hand is better.

Turn on the spot.

Guys: watch in the video the place to lead the move, the basis of the neck.

Ladies: If you are doing anything with the upper body and you are turning on the spot, your axis is the same leg as the direction of the turn. For example now you are turning to the left, so your felt is staying on spot.


Guys, block the lady going to the front with your left hip. Don’t bring the lady back for the cambré, because she will loose her balance. Just let the lady go in the cambré.

Ladies, for the cambré put yor pelvis to the front and contract your center (that’s the most important thing everytime you are doing cambré).