Hi everybody!

We will learn today two things: How to go up and turn on one leg being in front of the partner and how to do the deep cambre. Please warm up your body and do these steps under your own responsibility.

For going up:

During the left turn of the lady, guys, you are moving around the lady (to your right). If she goes on 1 with the right foot you will do a preparation down and use the energy after the turn to have a centrifugal energy. Watch the video to know where to put your right hand (this connection with the lady is very important). Imagine the axis of the lady to help her to keep her balance. Your arms support the lady.

Ladies: your energy is little bit back (not to the front, in this case you loose your balance) and down (you press with the left arm down, your shoulder is also down). Think about the connection to the partner, don’t turn your upper bdy to the left or to the side. Your left foot is connected with your left shoulder, they are traveling together.

For the deep cambré: Guys, let the lady turn a little bit more and look for the contact between the right side of your body and the right side of her body. This contact will slide down (till the lady lie on your leg). You will go down in your left knee and stretch your left leg to the side. Pay attention about your center and the center of the lady for not loosing your balance.

Ladies: Watch the video to see how Claudia is going further with the left foot. Keep the contact with the side of the guy, that’s your support. If you go up, you will get the energy from your legs (not from your back), you will breath and bring the pelvis up.