Dear guys: Be sensitive if the lady lady has the hair on her face and help her to get it out.

Variation 1: Elastic going backwards.

Guys: You go with your right to the front but you don’t transfer the weight to your right, stay on your left. Watch the video to understand, that the leading is like a circle. Ladies: You will back with your left leg but at the beginning you don’t transfer the weight to your left (the guy doesn’t let you go to your left). First go with your chest to the front and after that with your head. If you are down it’s important that you connect your hand with your upper body to feel the leading of the guy.

Variation 2. Chassé going backwards and elastic.

Now we want to do a chassé. Watch the video to see the steps. Guys, at the beginning you need some energy with a preparation down and going up after that. On two you will lead the lady like in a circle (watch the video) for her to bend to the front and on 3 you go with your right foot to the front but you don’t transfer the weight (you will do it little by little). Ladies, on 2 you bend to the front, first with your chest, then you go with your head. From here everything is like in variation 2.