With this step you can have a nice effect in the music.

Turn on the line.

Guys: Pull the lady into the line and turn her with the left hand up and the right hand down.

Ladies: Do your steps on the line and try to close your legs.

Preparation for the chassé.

Guys: You are leading a elastic with your body, going first with the hips to the side. Your right under arm is in the low back of the lady and it will go little by little up. Ladies, you go first with your hips, then with your chest and at last with your head.


Guys and ladies: wacht the video to see the chassé steps. Guys: In the middle of the preparation you will go faster and with more energy (watch the video) for the lady to understand, that something special is coming. You are close to the lady and you are bringing the lady with you. For the ladies: if you go up, don’t bring your head back but focus on your partner.