We did today the little sun (the bumerangue variation with both hands up painting a circle). After the bumerangue step we want to go one more step (backwards for the guys and forward for the lady) and then we will go into the snake.

For the snake, guys, first you lead the lady to the front and if you see, she is going forward, then you pull with your left hand down and you bring your right hand to her left shoulder. To open a window you put your right elbow up, so the lady has enough space for the snake. You need to go one step to the left to feel comfortable.

Ladies, if you go into the snake you will go with your shoulders and with your head. If you goes with the head up, you will go with your chest to the front.

While opening please ladies, look before you stretch your arm, because at the party there are always a lot of people and you can hit somebody.