We did a very cool move in Bremen today . The zouk world call it “spiral” (we have two kinds of spirals, today we did just one) and maybe the dancers from MZouk (Spain, I hope, we can speak in the future slowly about Meister Gege and the spiral dancers) were the first on create this step (I prefer to say not create but “discover” for the rest of the zouk world).

A spiral is a special turn, where the axis of the turn is not the classical axis in a line (90° to the floor) with the head straight but with the head in another direction.

We did a exercise to practise the movement of the head. Here the lady put the head on chest of the guy and turn keeping the contact and looking up and down while turning.

Then we did a turn with a spiral. Five things:

1. Guys, the leading is like painting a circle.

2. The lady is crossing always with the right (if you are turning to the left, your are turning now aroung your left foot).

3. Ladies: keep the center strong.

4. Ladies: your body has to follow your arm, don’t go with the body first.

5. Fix a point on the floor and use it for keeping the direction of your head.

For the guys: if you want to turn you need to continue leading with the idea of painting a circle. If the lady if behind of you, dann you change the hand and don’t stop with the leading.

Have fun and see you next week!