Hi everybody!

We are dancing today one turn on the line with head, half of circle with the head too, one spiral and another turn on the line with head.

First turn on the line with head in the close position

Guys, the first step you bring your lady to the front and you go to the side. You bend your upper body to the right, helping her to start the head movement to the left. The second step you bring the lady one more step on the line, you lead her head to the front (both shoulders are parallel to the floor) and your right foot is between both feet of the lady. The third step you open on the line, lead the head of the lady to the left and get the right arm of the lady with your left hand. In this way you can start the leading for the spiral. Try to start the spiral without a pause.

For the ladies, at the same time you try to stretch and to relax your neck. First step head to the left, second step to the front, third step to the right. If you bring you head back for the spiral, don’t think on going back, think on stretching the front part of your neck, this point is very important for you.


On 1 you paint half of circle back, on 2 half of circle to the front and on 3 half of circle back again. On three guys, you can help the lady for her to open with the right hand over her head.

Ladies, watch the video to understand how to feel the hair (it’s not necessary your real hair, it could be an imaginary hair or weight hanging from the top of your head).

The second turn on the line with head.

It’s a normal turn on the line with head in the closed position. Like the first turn but without going with the right foot between both feet of the ladies. The guys don’t have to go in front of the lady.

The end

The guys bring the ladies in front of them. First step the head is to the side, second step the head is to the front, the third step the ladies go with the head up.