For the first spiral, ladies, you will look your left hand and think on stretching your upper body to the front. Guys, watch the video to see how to change the grip of your left hand and bring your right hand to your shoulder. For the beginning of the spiral you will go with your right to the right bending your upper body to the left. Give time the lady for to do her move, be a gentleman, invite her :-) . Look now to the other side and look at the lady.

For the elastic the guys need to lead with the body, you go with your hips to the side. If the lady is going into the elastic, the guys let the right hand free and get the shoulder blade of the lady. Now the ladies have contact with both hands of the guy and you have to keep the tension against both hands. Go little by little into the cambre and contract your center. Don’t do the cambre now if it’s a new step for you, watch first this video: