Zouk it’s sooo beautiful! :-)

For the rond de jambe you can watch this video:

Guys, after the rond de jambe you want to stop the lady with the left hand up and the right hand on the side of the lady. But you stop the lady just for a millisecond, because you will pull with the right hand to the right and with the left hand to the left. Watch the video because both hands go up and that’s an important detail. With your right you open a window and then you will go through, first with your left hand and after that with your body. If you are on the oder side, your left ist down and your right is up. Push the lady to her left side with your left hand and change the shoulder line. At the end, if you turn your upper body to the left, you wil lead the lady to the left and start with the head movements.

Ladies, this step is the perfect opportunity to go with your hips every time you transfer the weight from one side to the other. First always the hips and at the end the head. Be sensitiv about your shoulder line: Today you know the step that the guy is leading but there are a lot of possibilities.

Have fun!