Some important things about the step.

For the ladies:

  • You will turn on the line.
  • Keep the contact with the guy on your arm and on your back.
  • Your body has a good posture (you are straight) and you will land on your left knee (go a little bit down).
  • If the guy brings you back connect your right hand with your upper body.

For the guys:

  • After the lateral you will be in front of the lady but remember, you don’t cross the street, she needs the street free.
  • You bring the lady to the front because you go first backwards with your right. Just pulling with the arm it’s not a good leading, learn to lead with yor body.
  • Be careful with the contact with the lady and have a good posture in your body (don’t bend backwards).
  • Watch the video to see how to play in this position with your upper body.

Have fun!