Hi everbody!

Today we did a beautiful headmovement. If you try it at home, please get first warm and do the step on your own responsibility.

For the headmovements the head is not active. Your head ladies is always following the shoulder line. Guys: you are playing (careful) with the shoulder line of the lady.


  1. For the first sidestep (lateral) is very nice if you bring your head to the left side breathing and opening your chest. The second step you stay with the head to the left side and between 2 and 3 paint half of circle with your head to the right. By painting a circle to the front you bring your chest back.
  2. For the turn you will bring your head back and to the left side again. If your head is back you try strecht the frontal part of your body. When your head is down, pay attention because you don’t know what’s coming next. Try to be connected with the guy.
  3. If you are doing headmovements please do short steps.


  1. Your arms will be a little round, like holding a ball.
  2. For the first step of the lady you start bringing the left arm up und the right down. The second step you stay in this position, doing your steps and going in front of the lady. The third step you change the frame (now left is down and right is up). you are a little bit to the left, so the lady has enough space for her turn.
  3. If you do the turn with the spiral, you bring first the lady into the turn pulling with your right hand and after that you change the frame: the right hand starts to go down and with the left hand you paint a circle first up and after that down.
  4. Now you are finished und you need just to bring the lady up.

Some more important things for the leading:

  • Try to lead from your upper body.
  • Be careful about your lady if you are dancing it in a party, don’t be rude.
  • The lady needs the feeling, she has a lot of space. Ask the lady for her feedback to improve you leading.