Dear people,

we love this step. Please, if you want to dance it safe, do a warming up and dance the step on your own responsibility. Another thing: guay, at the party be sensitive and careful with the woman, her feelings are more important than a step. Lead the step soft and if you see, the lady don’t understand the leading, don’t force her in the step.

The beginning of this step needs a good preparation. Guys, you have to go the first step backwards and at the same time you bring the left shoulder of lady back and down and the right shoulder up (you do it with your left hand up). Ladies: you are breathing to the side opening your chest. The first step the head goes just to the side.

The second step. Guys, you go to the side with your right foot out of the line of the lady. You have to make some space for the lady (if you need it, put your chest in for some extra space). You paint a circle till the head is in the center. Both shoulders should be parallel to the floor. For the ladies: contract your center (go a little bit down on your knees, pelvis to the front, chest in for a head movement with a good balance). If your head is on the front, you think about stretching your neck (back side).

Third step. Guys, you open to the side, the right hand goes up and the left hand down. Ladies, you open with the right, paint the rest of the circle to the right and breath. You go a little bit down on your right leg and you stretch your left leg.

Fourth step. Guys and ladies, just transfer the weight to the left. The head stays on the right side.

Fifth step. Head in the middle, shoulder line parallel to the floor.

Sixth step. Opening to the left (right hand down guys, left up). Ladies, breath to the side.

For the cambré. Guys: you bring the lady from the right to the left and stop her by the second step. Just turn a little bit more the lady, let her do her preparation for the cambré and lead it.

Have fun!

P.D.: Big hug for Roque ;-)