Hi everybody!

We repeat today the steps of the last weeks and started a new one.

  1. Head movements behind the lady and turns.
  2. Spiral 2.

For the wave to the side with the hips you have to go little by little to the side first with the hips, then with the flank, the shoulders and at the end the head.

Guys: for the leading of the wave you push with your left hand the opposite hip and block the upper body of the lady holding the right hand to the right. You can lead the wave if you bring your left hand up and your right to the left. For the wave in the other direction you start pulling with the right hand to the right and blocking with the left the upper body of the lady, so she is going with her hips. Then you let the left hand go down.

For the turn with the head movement you push with the left hand (in this wayy the lady is going into the line), your right hand come to her shoulder and when she is facing you, you bring her both shoulders in the same line (parallel to the floor).

For the ladies: the move with your hips is fluent, you recommend you to practise at home in front of the mirror. For the head movement you stay by 1 to the side, by 2 your head is in the center and you contract (your chest is in, your pelvis is to the front) and by 3 you bring your head just up. Of course there is more possibilities for the head but the is leading now this one.

So! We hope you enjoy and we see us next week!