Hi everybody!

Let’s practise the long left turn on the line (bumerangue) with a nice variation.

For the guys: Very important if you are turning that you focus on your partner and that you “cross the street” to the other side, becasuse you have to let the line free for the lady. If you are leading the second bumerangue, you do it with your right hand on 1, then on 2 the lady accepts the “chocolate”. Try to think about the line of the lady and help her to stay on the line. In every turn you are first pulling into the line and after that you lead the turn.

For the ladies: To stay on the line is very important and to focus on the guy too. If you are dancing the bumerangue, imagine you have a miniskirt, so you don’t go long steps. You need the feeling, your thighs are together.

See you next week!