Hi everybody!

It’s so nice to show you this beautiful step! Let’s go!

For the guys: At the very begining we put our right arm a little bit up for you to support the lady better. The first step backwards you bring the head of the lady to her left side (your left hand is up and your right hand is down). The second step you bring the lady in front of you (both shoulders are on the same line). The third step you bring the head of the lady to the right and you change the contact of your hand (the light blinds you!). You go to the side with the lady another step while you continue leading the turn (forth step). Being in front of the lady you lead her head half of circle backwards and then the next head movement comes. You bring the lady into the line with your right hand. The first two steps you lead with the hand up and while going the third step you bring the hand down, so the lady goes down with the head) and after that you bring the lady up with your body and your hand.

For the ladies: Your head isn’t active, your head is always following the shoulders. At the beginning keep the contact with the arm of the guy and very important too, do it while turning. Don’t loose the connection with the partner. If you are painting half of circle backwards, please stretch the frontal part of your body (your pelvis is to the front too). If you are turning and doing anything with the upper body or with the head, you have to close your ribs to keep the balance. The last turn with the head, stay on your line and don’t go with the head to the front before the leading comes. Bringing the head to the front you are opening a space with your chest in, please don’t bring your upper body to the front because in this case you will loose your balance. When you are bringing your head up, feel the weight of your hair, to now how much energy you need.

Practise a lot and see you next week!