Today we had the first lesson of a new beginners course. The first day we learn the most important thing: the basic step. Here you have a long explanation of the basic step. You can switch on the subtitles in English:


Usually when we are learning the basic step, the guys and the ladies have the same problems. For the guys: If you think you can do your steps, try to invite the lady in the basic step, lead her slowly for a good feeling of the lady. For the ladies: our focus is on the hand of the guy because of the conection. We can’t go without the conection with the guy.

Another thing we did today is the left turn from the basic step.

For the ladies: while turning you hold your arm in front of your chest and take care about your elbow, because you can hit the guy. It’s very useful to focus on the guy while turning, so you where the turn finishes.

For the guys: you will lead with your right hand on the waist of the lady and your left hand will paint a circle over the head of your partner. You should hold your partner againg on “2”.