Today we wanted to continue practising the bumerangue step and at the end of the class we learnt how to do a cambré after the bumerangue step.

For the guys: You will lead the bumerangue from the lateral. If you lead the last left turn for the lady you will go the first three steps a little bit to the right around the lady. You get the lady on 2. On the next 1 you bring the lady to you and there is no space between you and your partner, you have contact. You lead the preparation for the cambré. This part is very important. Don’t force the lady to go into the cambré, be sensitive. At the end you can lead the wave (first you lead the shoulders of the lady bending your upper body to the right) or you can bring the lady just up.

For the ladies. While turning to the left you bring your left arm in front of your chest. Feel the hand of the guy on your back and bring your left arm over his arm. Your preparation for the cambré is very important. Even if the guy doesn’t help you with the leading, put your pelvis to the front. You have to stay by yourself, you control your own weight. For the variation breathing up with your chest, remember to push up with your right foot.

Have fun!