Head movements from the titanic step are a really popular combination in the zouk world.

Ladies, the first step your head stays to the side, the second step your head goes to the front (your chest is in and you contract your center) and the third step you open. Guys, support the lady while leading the turn on the line with the head.

The new thing we did today was to lead more than one turn on the line to the right. Important for the guys:

  • Your right hand keeps the lady with the head to the front.
  • Your right elbow stays up.
  • Your left hand don’t stop the leading any time and continue till the end.

For the ladies, think about closing your ribs. Don’t think about bringing your head to the front, think about making some space for your head, so you are bringing your chest in.

At the end, the guys need to transfer the weight to the left before leading the lateral step.

Have fun!