Today we repeated a combination we did last December.

We start with lateral and rond de jambe. For rod de jambe please don’t forget to bring your lady a little bit down, to block her and to turn her on her left foot. The lady can paint a circle with the foot and her eyes can follow the foot.

After that we did elastic. Here you can play with the speed of te the step and with the music. You lead the wave with your body, you have contact with the body of the lady on your right side. You bring her to the front and help her with your body for the head-movement.

The head movement for the ladies. At the first step your head is on the left side. With the second step you bring your head to the front and at three you bring your head up. Think about the weight of your hair: that’s the secret if you don’t want to have the hair all over your face.

For the elastic: guys, we have to wait one step for the lady, we are doing the same steps as her while she is doing the elastic. You put both hands down together and press a little bit, so the lady can open her chest. If you are bringing the lady up, both hands paint a circle at the same level of the shoulders.

For the ladies: if you are going down, you bring your center over your feet, your pelvis is to the front, your chest is back and your neck is to the front. If you are going up, you are going the first with your hips.

For the last head movement, the leading of the guy is very important. Please, be careful if you are leading head-movements. You put your right hand on the shoulderblade and not on the neck of the lady.

See you next week!