What can we dance if we don’t have any beat on the music?

There are a lot of possibilities for playing with your partner. Today we want to isolate our chest to learn how to lead the upper body in a circle or in a wave (from the chest or from the hips too).

Guys, watch the video and if you are trying to lead the lady, be sensitive with the lady, your hands have to be sensitive. Take care about your fingers, you want to have contact with the lady with the hole hand. If you don’t want the lady loose her balance you have to control the center of the lady and try to keep her center over her feet.

For the ladies: don’t anxious and wait for the leading. Try to understand where is the leading and isolate this part of the body, don’t do the moves without control.

Guys, if you are practising this moves with a new lady at the party, first look with a soft leading and enough time if the lady understands you. If don’t, please don’t force the move.