Hi everybody!

In Zouk there are a lot of kinds of turns and it’s very important for you to learn the differences between all of them. Today we will speak a little bit about the normal zouk turn (third step on the spot) and the turn on the line (you open at the end). The main difference in the leading: For a normal turn the guy just paint a circle over the head of the lady. For a turn on the line, the guy first bring the lady on the line and after that lead the turn.

For the combination: we are doing the lateral step, the left turn and after that the turn on the line with return (Yoyo).

Important things for the Yoyo:

Guys: After the first left turn of the lady make space on your right side for the lady to be comfortable. Everytime you bring the lady to you, you think on this space. You are leading the lady to the front with your hole body, not just with your arm. For the turn on the line, first bring the lady into the line and after that you turn the lady. If you are leading the last step remember to get the lady on 2 with your right hand.

For the ladies: Don’t put your weight on your heels while turning on the line because in this way you loose your balance backwards. Your focus is on your partner. For the first turns take care about your right arm and bring it over your left arm (in front of your chest and the elbow in front of your shoulder, not outside). For the last turn is very important to close your legs on 2 before you go your third step, so you will keep better your balance. Please take care too about your left arm and bring it up.

Have fun!