Hi everybody!

Today’s step has a nice effect.

After the left turn of the lady, guys you will you have to lead the elastic in slow motion, for the lady to go just with the lright foot to the front. Ladies, please go with the same energy of the guy. Stay a little bit back, so you will feel better the leading of the guy.

Guys: If the lady is down after the elastic bring her back pushing with your left hand to the right and turn to the right, putting your right hand on her back. Now you will bring the lady again to the front. Use both hands for it and open a window with your left arm, so the lady is doing the wave through the window.

Ladies: If you are down you have to connect your right hand with your shoulder. In this wayy you will understand the leading of the guy. For the snake (big wave) bring your head up and at the same time push your chest to the front. If use a little bit energy you won’t have any hair on your face.

Have fun!