Hi everybody!

Pendulum is an important step because we are dancing it the hole time in a lot of variations.

Important for the ladies:

  • If the guy is painting a circle with his leading, the hole side of your body is connected. He is leading your body direct under your arm, but you go with your foot too.
  • After the circle don’t go down alone and wait.
  • While doing the pendulum try to keep your weight for yourself, you are not going backwards, you are going down (on your knees, pelvis to the front, chest in, head to the front).
  • After the guy leads you up, you wait for the next leading.
  • For the cambre don’t forget to do your preparation, bringing your pelvis to the front.
  • While going up, press with your right foot up, don’t hole the energy from your back, try to hole the energy from your legs.

Important for the guys:

  • You want to lead the lady down, so you need to prepare the lady first up.
  • Your right hand is direct under the arm of the lady. You are painting half of circle with your right hand.
  • Stay on your right foot. You will lead the pendulum and transfer the weight from the right to the left at the same moment as the lady is transfering from the left to the right. Make sure you have enough space for the lady. If don’t, you kann go with your left foot a little bit back and with your chest in.
  • Before you lead the cambré, do the preparation for the lady.

Nice nice nice! Very soon we will film some videos with variations of the pendulum.

See you next week!