Hi everybody!

We want today to do some head movements if the lady is walking backwards. We will end the move going around the lady.

For the guys:

  • The first leading for the head movement is very important. You go to the front a little bit in slow motion to give the lady some time to understand the new move. Then you will paint a circle with your right hand on the shoulder blade of the lady.
  • For every head movement you have to go first to the front. Go with your body to the front and if you see that the lady is going backwards, then you lead the head.
  • For the last circle, the lady needs more energy, so she knows, she doesn’t need to stop the move. Then guys you go around the lady bringing your left hand up. You will go close to the lady, getting her left hand with your right.
  • If you want, the lady goes up with the head, put some energy n your body for her to go up.

For the ladies:

  • Press a little bit against the hand of the guy on your back to feel the leading.
  • With the head movements your head is breathing to the side.
  • First go with your foot backwards and the you do your head movement.
  • Think about stretching the opposite side of your body if you are doing head movements.
  • The last circle you transfer the weight is your head is changing the side. At the end you stay on your left, so when the guy is turning you to the front you go with your right.

Have fun!