Hi everybody!

We are dancing today two variations of the bumerangue reverse from the basic step.

1. Bumerangue reverse from the basic step to the right.

In this variation guys we will bring the lady to our right side. We go backwards and open our body to the right. Our left hand is up and our right hand will invite the lady into the turn. For the lady we are doing three steps on the line and after that the basic step backwards. Put your left under arm in front of your chest.

2. Bumerangue reverse from the basic step to the left.

Guys, we will let the lady go backwards into her basic step but we will do our steps on the spot. Then we pull the lady into the line and we turn her. You have the feeling, you are turning the lady two times. For the ladies, we are doing the same steps as before. Try to focus on your partner while turning.