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22.02.15. Cross step behind the lady and prison step.

Hi everybody!

A really nice move for the beginners2! The first thing is to be behind the lady (we did already hier).

For going the steps behind the lady, guys stretch your legs if you are going backwards. Ladies do the same if they are going forwards.

Now guys, for the cross step behind the lady you to respect her line. Your irst step backwards with the left you go in diagonal to the side, so you can oen after that and let the „street“ free for the lady.

Ladies: Sometimes we are going steps and our focus is not to the partner but to the front. That’s the point today. Please press a little bit again the hands of the guy, so you can understand better the leading and he can support you.

While crosing with the left you guys can lead the prison step. Hier more informations about the prison step.

Have fun!


  1. Thank you guys, for your efforts!

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