Hi everybody!

Some important things for today:

Ladies: After the turn you will feel the arm of the guy on your back and you have to keep the contact with it, if you are connected with the arm, you will understand the leading. While turning, close your ribs for a better balance. Your right hand up have some tension agains the left hand of the guy. When the leading brings your shoulders in the same line, your chest is in, helping you with the head movement.

Guys: the preparation for the head movement is a difficult and an important leading. Bring your upper body a little bit back and the right hand up at the same time, so the lady understands you better. Then you push with the right arm for her to go to the front and turn. Your left hand will press down to support the lady. You will bring the right arm over the head of the lady. When she is doing the head movement, bring the head up when the head is almost in the middle.

Next week more!