If you want to try these steps at home, please, warm up your body and practise on your own responsibility.

Some advices for the ladies:

  • If you are turning on the line with your head to the side it’s difficult to keep the balance. try to contract your center and close your ribs.
  • Be careful if you are bringing your head to the front. Put your chest in for not to loose your balance.

Some advices for the guys:

  • The beginning of the head movements is very important. Watch in the video the preparation carefully.
  • Try to give support the lady while turning.
  • Do the head movements carefully, because she could loose easily her balance. Play with the shoulders, bringing the hands up and down, but very soft respecting the timing of the lady.

If you want to lead these steps at the party be careful, The lady has to be safe. If you think something is dangerous, please, protect your lady. The steps on the line are not recommended for the partys, because they need a lot of space. You can transforn every step in the line in a step in a circle. In this way you need less space (just your spot).

Have fun!