Guys, even if you are beginner you can do some cool moves dancing zouk ;-) While leading the side step (lateral) to your right side, you will go just two steps, the lady is going three steps.

- The lady do 1 & 2 and you do just 1.

- THen you do 3 together to the side, opening a little bit to the right.

For the arms I will give you two possibilities:

- You change the hand (you get the right hand of the lady with your right hand).

- You get arm of the lady.

While giving the momentumto your left you go againg just two steps and the lady goes three steps.

For the ladies I want to say just one thing: if you turn to the left, you have to take care about your left arm, so bring the left arm up while turning closed to your face (in this way you don’t hit your partner).

Have fun!