Hi everybody!

Now you have a lot of videos for learning zouk, but the videos are not a teacher. You need the feeling of a teacher to help you to improve your dance. There is a thing like the “zouk body” and in order to get this we do a lot of exercises in the regular classes.

We want to speak today about the hips and the chest for the beginners. These are some of the moves you have to practise, if you want to get the zouk body.

  1. Painting an eight with your hips. A very basic move you have to control, if you want, that your basic step on the spot feels good. The first energy goes down and a second energy comes up and open your body to the side.
  2. You need to isolate the move of your chest. Try to move your chest to the front and back without moving the shoulders or the belly. This exercise will help you to improve your wave and your elastic.

Be patient with you while learning this stuff. The body needs some time to learn. At the end, you will feel the move like natural.